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Words never go out of style.
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Barbara Gee

I focus on the art and crafting of words to enhance communication.

My career spans over 30 years and has encompassed almost every aspect of writing - public relations, marketing, training, corporate, online websites, technical, creative, scriptwriting, brochures, reporting, executive in-house... You name it. My words have been used in print, on video, on the web - sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by images, but always finely honed, articulate, refined, sophisticated, and clear. 

The range of clients has been wide, but for each my goal has been the same - to deliver a piece of writing that, above all, achieves their goal. Simply put, if my client is happy then I am.

The attacks of September 11th changed us here in America. So too has the war in Iraq. A cliché, maybe, but we have become used to seeing image after image of devastation. These are powerful and thought-provoking, but immediate and one-dimensional. It has been reading about these events that has deepened my understanding of them.  

Words, when used with skill, enhance our comprehension in ways that images alone cannot. But when combined with images then there is no limit...